Fine Art Prints

Fine art prints with guarantee and authentication are now available!

The print run of every picture in my gallery is limited by a maximum of 150.
Every print will be delivered with a number on the back and a certificate of authentication, signed by both, the photographer and printer.

Printed on Canvas: Canvas gives your artwork additional durability with a protective varnish that helps prevent fading and water damage. The canvases are mounted on a wooden framework and ready for hanging.

Advantages of Canvas:

  • Large image size for given wall space; canvas does not have borders or mats
  • Virtually unlimited sizing options with many panoramics reaching lengths of 80 inches or more
  • Gives the image a “painted” effect
  • Can be split into multiple panels for added visual effect
  • Weighs much less than framed paper prints
  • Can be hung in humid areas of the home or office such as the bathroom

Printed on Photo Paper: Printing on paper is the time-tested and traditional way of displaying a photograph. A photograph on paper has certain expected aesthetics and is a medium understood and appreciated by many. 

Advantages of printing on paper:

  • Traditional look and feel of photo
  • More detail can be achieved for photographs when printed
  • Frames add a decorative accent that can be matched to current decor
  • Black and white prints are stunning on high quality paper
  • Framed prints has a classical look, and can work with almost any interior décor depending on the frame choice.

When choosing a medium for your prints it all depends on your tastes, preferences, and aesthetic needs.

Images are printed on demand and are inspected, signed, dated and numbered by Lourika Reinders

Please take a few moments to enjoy the photojournalistic, documentary, portraiture, and nature photography that I have to offer, by clicking through the different galleries.

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If you have any questions regarding my photos, or purchasing a printed canvas, please contact me via email: and I’d be happy to help.