Originally from Namibia, Africa, Lourika is the daughter of a successful safari guide and bed and breakfast operator.  She discovered her passion for photography early in life while bushwhacking the African landscape on family outings.  She studied Hospitality Management in Cape Town, South Africa and worked in hotels and lodges in both South Africa and Namibia.  In 2011, she left Africa behind and traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to teach English.  She later moved to Phuket, where she lived for 2 years to pursue her dream of professional photography.   She studied the Thai language and also got scuba certified while living on Phuket island.

She graduated from the MatadorU Travel Photography program in late 2012.  And in August 2013 she was contacted by the Namibian Tourism Board  to be the Official Trip Photographer for Solimar International‘s   #GoBigNamibia – Adventure Travel press trip.

In December 2013, Lourika went back to her home country of Namibia, where she is now concentrating on commercial photography work like weddings, events and corporate shoots.

Lourika shoots exclusively with Nikon and processes on Lightroom.

Her dream is to one day work for National Geographic, publish a book and travel to every  country on the planet!!

When she is not writing about herself in the third person, Lourika enjoys being out in nature, spending time with friends and family and have long walks with her amazingly cute, white ‘wolves’, Tessa and Trey – who came with her all the way from Thailand.

Lourika Reinders, JapaneseSpitz, Photographer

Please visit my travel blog Living Through Lenses, I post interesting Namibian and “traveling abroad” related articles once a week.  My mission is to inspire young Namibians to travel abroad, and I want to show people overseas what an amazing travel destination Namibia truly is.

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