Artsy, Creative, Playful, Real……

Trust me I’ve got this!
I’ve shot hundreds of weddings
and I’m still in love with photographing love!

I know that you want to have the best time on your wedding day and not have to worry about your photographer missing a beat. Weddings go incredibly quickly and at the end of it all, the only thing that’s really left are the photographs. I care deeply about this, and will create you a set of images that will transport you back to the way you felt when all of your favourite people were in one place celebrating your union.

You can be rest assured that I’ll bring the heart of an artist and will make you images that can be hung on your walls as art pieces and compiled into a bespoke album full of memories, emotions and history for future generations.

I want you to have fun!!


If you connect with my work,
chances are that we’ll click too.
So tell me your story
and what you want from your wedding day

and let’s get started with this new chapter.


Check these out


ewet + andré16

 Some Tips

If you have an afternoon wedding and if you want a great couple shoot, ensure that you find out what time the sun sets. You need to factor in how long your service will be, the time it will take for all of your guests to give you congratulatory hugs and kisses after the service, how long your family pics will take, travel time if it is required and how long your photographer needs with you. It’s best to work backwards from sunset, factoring all of these things in when setting a time for your service.

Have a back- up plan in case of bad weather. The weather really isn’t something that you can control so be sure to have a well thought out Plan B. If it does rain consider it a blessing ….. and remember it is what it is! Choose an experienced photographer who is good in all weather and lighting situations. And DO remember some umbrellas in the rainy season.


Great photos happen when you are having fun, so enjoy yourselves, forget that you are being photographed and just focus on the fact that you just got married to the love of your life!! Laugh, kiss, hug, snuggle, dance, jump, and run – be yourselves!!!


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